Subway Surfer Cheats – I will show you how to generate coins and keys!

Very often, you hear somebody saying that “old is gold.“ We think that it’s not always the case, especially when it comes to games and many more. However, in this situation we can agree on that. If these new game make you boring, repetitive and something that simply can’t hold your attention for too long, you should turn to older games. Perfect example of game like that is Subway Surfers- an endless runner, addictive to the max! That being said, stay tuned for our Subway Surfer Cheats which are going to help you to level up your skills as much as you can.

The core of the gameplay here is very simple. It’s really just about swiping left, right, up and down- the directions your character will move. Left and right make your character move from one side of the screen to other and return to the middle. If you swipe down, your character will roll and this is for example useful for barricades and have no use for trains. If you swipe up, character will make a jump which is the only option if the train is headed right towards you. Jumping is also a possibility for overcoming barricades, and rolling is something you don’t want to use when train is heading towards you, because… well… you know. Stay with us to see how you can make the most out of your movement, using our Subway Surfer Cheats. Always try to concentrate on moving fast and efficiently and jump often, because jump is 99% sure that you’ll overtake an obstacle and rolling is not that efficient and always good. On top of that, your focus should be on picking up coins that can give you an edge over the other players whether it’s a high score or your personal upgrades. Upgrades are mostly for the power ups and they can make your power up level to some maximum. Leveling your power ups gives you longer durability of them which is essential for longer run and even picking up more coins. We are saying that because there are power ups which are directly linked to coin pickup. These include Coin Magnet and Coin Multiplier.


Every one of these power ups are great and used in combo can produce very high coin pickup. Upgrading these two power ups should make you benefit the most, but it’s really your choice depending on your play style. Coin Magnet will attract nearby coins directly to you wherever your position on the level is. This is great because you can now focus on overcoming obstacles and Coin Magnet will do its job. Coin Multiplier is working little different by multiplying your score. Score can be multiplied by 2X, 4X, 8X and 16X. This, of course, depends on the level this power up has reached during your playing and upgrading. If you think that these Subway Surfer Cheats will help you or they are already helping you, check this one out! Invest your money in Mega Headstart to largely boost your score. Mega Headstart is a power up which will make you start running from some score which has been made during fast-forward to some distance. This distance is depending on the level your Mega Headstart is.

As you can see, there are a tons of ways to play this game and you’ll want to try all of them and find what suits you the best. You can focus more on high score and long run, or you can focus on building those power ups and then chasing the high score. Choice is yours. So download it now and get running!




Hill Climb Racing – an extremely challenging game

Car racing has always been favorites for game players. Hill Climb Racing offers something similar to other racing games, but with a little bit of twist. It requires a lot of patience to handle your car. Sometimes in this game, players feel like they are actually driving their cars. This is a tricky game which needs a lot more skill than in a simple car racing game. Hill Climb Racing has an addictive game play with awkward graphics and not so soothing sound track which is sometimes irritating. But once you are into it, you are compelled to be obsessed with it.

In this game, the route where you have to race your car is very absurd and difficult. The car can easily roll over and kill the driver. It is actually funny to see the driver dying but as he dies, you have to start the game from the very beginning. Hill Climb Racing makes you learn how to handle a car. You get to drive a lot of vehicles as you get upgraded in this game. One has to know to balance the vehicles. The dependable upgrades, the fun holiday specific player, and the extreme challenge to take it further and further make this game amazing.

There are some parts of the path which you cannot pass easily without upgrading. Therefore, the coins are required. There are four types of upgrade offered including engine, suspensions, tires and 4WD. Players will have to work with all of them for progressing in the game. There are several stages with levels to reach in each of your route like countryside, desert, arctic and the moon.


Car racing with some physics content

The physics are top notch in Hill Climb Racing. It is a great little physics racing game and has a sheer primary learning curve until your brain clicks in how to make the car tilt forwards and backwards. This is one of the most entertaining physics based entertainer ever made. In Hill Climb Racing, you can gain bonuses from daring tricks. Collecting coins will help you upgrade your car and reach even higher distances.

This is a pure simple fun game that will have the players playing time after time, level after level. It saves you from many situations of boredom. You can challenge your friends and other players by sharing your scores with a screenshot. This game looks good in both low and high resolution devices. You can play this game in your Android or IOS phones. The more time you spend upgrading stuff through building up the money the better the game gets. So players, go on and enjoy Hill Climb Racing with all your patience and skills.