Who are we?

Growing up, I have fond memories of my father always doing something around the house.

When he wasn’t putting in ungodly hours at work as a plumber himself, he would be wandering around the family home with a spanner or a wrench in his hand and grease coating his palms.

I don’t think most of the stuff even needed fixing here, but we could always find him laying flat on his back with his head under one of the cupboards, working away.

As I got older, I would find myself being roped in more and more in to helping him.

Saturday afternoons spent labouring with my father whilst all of the other kids were out playing.

It sucked. I hated it… At the time.

He would tell me that a man should always know how to fix things. Whether it be knocking up a new shelving unit, fixing the boiler, replacing a rusting pipe, of whatever, it was the man of the houses job.

The idea that you would call someone else into to do small fixes like these never even occurred to my old man.

Perish the thought of calling another man to come into your house, in front of your wife and kids and emasculate you like that!

Not my dad. No siree.

With those important lessons learned, I followed in my fathers footsteps and became a successful plumber in my own right.

So it was normal for me as an adult, from a blue collar background, to be completely comfortable and confident in undergoing my own home repairs.

But as I grew older and engaged with other people outside my little town, I realised that this was not the case for everyone.

Not everyone had a dad like mine to show them how to remedy a leaking pipe under the sink.

Not every boy had a dad, or even a strong male role-model, period.

Which is one of the reasons why I built this website.

I want to help the everyday man. I want to give him the power and the freedom to be able to confidently assess the plumbing issues and competently deal with them!

Most guys never experience the feelings of accomplishment when they build or repair something. Most guys are stuck behind a computer. If a pipe burst in their home or their toilet starts to overflow, their first instinct is to reach for the phone.

I don’t want that for you, my friend.

Within the coming months, if you follow the blog and learn the plumbing lessons inside, you won’t even think of calling out a professional if an issue arises. You’ll be able to reach for your toolbox and deal with it yourself. Like a real man should.

You’ll be saving yourself a ton of money and filling yourself with newfound confidence.